First entry!

Well hello to anyone reading my little piece of the internet!  If you like quilts, quilting, creativity, art, then you will hopefully enjoy my blog.  If not, maybe you’ll keep reading anyway, but most probably not!

Quilting is my passion, my hobby, my creative outlet, and what keeps me sane on days when it could easily go the other way!  Of course, my husband, children, and family are the most important things in my life, but this blog is about quilting, so how about I stick to that?  I’m sure the aforementioned will sneak into my tales now and then, as there are some funny moments with quilting involving them. 

SO onto what happened today in my little corner of the quilting world.  I worked heavily on my latest ongoing project, Merry Sunshine.  It is a Prim Folk Art applique quilt designed by a dear internet friend.  She asked me to test her pattern for it, and it is turning into my favorite quilt of all time!  Well, done by me that is!  And through the process of working on it, I have made a dear friend in the designer to boot!  We email each other about the quilt of course, picking colors, asking each other for suggestions, “does this work, or does that work better” and along the way have shared many things about our lives – our families, our wants, hopes, ideas, recipes, advice, oh the list goes on.  The short of it is, I now consider Anna to be a dear friend, even though we have never met, not even on the phone!  Hopefully we will meet next year and chatter like long lost friends!

Anyway, Anna is also doing a version of Merry Sunshine.  Hers is on a yellow background, mine is on a purple one.  We are both using beautiful rich colors, not the usual prim style, but hey, I can’t deny my love of color!  I have tried to work with muted tones, and have realised that it’s just not going to happen in my lifetime.   Merry Sunshine (how about I call it MS for ease of writing) is being done using the needleturn method.  I never thought I’d be an appliquer.  Who has time for that?  I used to love whipping up a quilt in a day at my machine.  Quantity over quality.  My how I have changed.  I have been working almost exclusively on MS for a year now, and doubt it will be finished by the end of this year.  I find it hard to put into words the joy I feel from doing this slow handwork.  I can pick it up at a moment’s notice when the kids are running around.  I don’t have to haul out my machine and worry about working around the kids.  It can be put down in an instant.  I think a good word to describe it would be soothing.  I can retreat into my little quilting world for a minute, maybe get half a leaf sewn down, and come back into my world of busy children and feel refreshed. 

I have all the blocks finished, it has 12 of them, and am now working on the bottom border.  Anna has ‘assigned’ me to design the other 3.  I have done some sketches, but am afraid I’m overdoing it.  They are full and busy, actually gorgeous, but I feel that simplicity and understated may be called for.  Something to ponder over.  I should get the bottom border finished up tomorrow, if the kids co-operate that is!  They see me working on it and want to be involved.  They get my leftover pieces of fabric and try desperately to thread a needle until they realise they need my help, then beg me to do it.  My 5 year old girl has amazing talent at stitching!  She will get into my little baggie of rejected applique cutouts (I tend to cut a lot of the same thing from different fabrics so I can ‘audition’) and sew them onto a background piece.  She will sit there for an hour or more doing so.  Right now she wants to make a quilt for Grandma.  Maybe I should save these little blocks she does and send them all to Grandma – Grandma would love to see her Granddaughter’s handiwork! My 3 year old boy has also decided he would like to try quilting.  But he loses interest quickly, and the thought is often gone by the time I thread a needle for him.  Even my 21 month old boy gets in on the act.  He will pick up a shape and plonk it down on a background, then look at me as if to say, “I may not be talking yet, but I just want you to know that I know exactly what’s going on”!!! 

Maybe I should take my girl to a fabric store and let her pick out some of her very own fabric for a project and get her a little sewing kit just for her.  Ding ding ding  what a great birthday present that would be – her own sewing kit.  Who knew typing this late at night could produce such an ingenious idea???


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